Virginia Beach Va News Portal

Virginia Beach Va is a news portal which provides the latest in news, events, travel tips and short articles of importance to Virginia Beach enthusiasts.

The resource was created in response to the growing need for information about travel to the Commonwealth city. In recent years Virginia Beach has gained recognition for being among the best family beach resorts of the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Long known for its fair weather, sandy beaches, boardwalk, shops, seafood and art community, the city has become a year round attraction with events available for every season.

Virginia Beach is also acclaimed among the fishing community by the outstanding saltwater fishing opportunities for species such as striped bass, cobia, flounder and croaker. Its winter fishery for striped bass, known locally as “rockfish” has made the state a nationally known destination for saltwater fishing enthusiasts.

Virginia Beach Va was created specifically to serve a growing community of local and transient enthusiasts. A long term blueprint of the news portal and blog will include guest posts and reports from local travelers, shops and service providers.

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