Using Site Maps as a Search Engine Optimization Tool

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A simple sitemap is an important tool to insure that every page of your site gets indexed.

A sitemap can be a manually coded page that lists all the pages of the site, or can be created via special tools such as

Once sitemaps are created and installed, their locations should be spelled out in a robots.txt file.

Here is information on creation of a robots.txt file which will assist search engine robots in indexing your site:

Each site should include a robots.txt which specifies sitemap locations.

To specify the location of sitemaps, just put a line like this anywhere in your robots.txt file:


Replace the Sitemap: with the actual full URL. For example, if has a sitemap file called sitemap.xml in top level, the reference would be like this:


If you have more than one sitemaps you can either create a special “sitemaps index” file that links to all of them, then put a link to the sitemaps index file in your robots.txt file.

An simpler process is to simply list more than one sitemaps in the robots.txt file.