Communications – Best Practices

Effective communications are vital for businesses, organizations, and other entities. The development of best practices can be important for communication including in-person, phone, email, website, social media, and others. Nothing is more important than in-person communication. Courtesy, clarity, and the … Continued

Small Business Disaster Preparation – Recovery

Natural and man-made disasters can have devastating impacts on small businesses. Disasters often strike without warning. Fires, weather-related events, crimes, or other disasters can result in damage or destruction of important business assets. These events can also affect human resources. … Continued

Post Pandemic Small Business Trends

For U.S. small businesses, the period from early 2020 through 2022 included unprecedented challenges related to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. As entrepreneurs consider post-pandemic business practices, web technology is likely to be under close scrutiny. As progress is made towards … Continued

Case Study: Hampton Roads Virginia Vs. Tidewater Virginia

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A recent website renovation serves as a case study on content management: Hampton Roads Virginia Vs. Tidewater Virginia. The upgrade involved expanding the sites geographic coverage from Hampton Roads Virginia to Tidewater Virginia. The upgrade also included enhancing performance for … Continued