Logo Design: Iconography vs. Typography

Logos have become standard symbols of identification in the business world.

When choosing a logo for a small business or organization, a number of choices need to be made.

Will the logo contain text, icons, or both elements?

What colors should be included in the logo?

What shape does the logo need to be?

What styles will be chosen?

Will the logo need to be trademarked?

For some applications, a text only design might be all that is required.

Occasionally, a logo contains one or more icons, without text.

One of the most common logo styles includes both elements; text and icons.


Text Logo

In this example, simple text conveys a clear message. The phrase “charm city” refers to Baltimore, Maryland. Design elements include a snappy font, purple color, and metallic effect.

Icon + Text Logo

In this example, the logo combines text with an icon. The fish, known locally as “roundhead,” is familar to Outer Banks enthusiasts.