Chesapeake Bay News, Events and Information Site

Daybreak Web Designs has announced a new online resource which provides information on the Chesapeake Bay. The site is entitled “Chesapeake Bay News” and is located at The project features Chesapeake Bay news, events, photo galleries, articles, book reviews, links, and other resources. When asked about the project, the site owner John Banks explained, “While doing research for our other projects, we realized there is a wealth of information concerning the Chesapeake Bay that comes from a wide range of sources. We were also made aware of the enormous number and diversity of the bay’s users. This project was created to act as a clearing house of information for anyone interested in the Chesapeake Bay region.”

The Chesapeake Bay impacts residents of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia as well as the millions of visitors that flock to the waterway each year. Included in the list of bay users are boaters, recreational anglers, charter boat operators, commercial fishermen, aquaculture workers, seafood lovers, bird watchers, nature lovers, artists, hunters, sportsmen, environmental groups, scientists, eco-tourism providers, beach goers, tourists, land owners, small business owners, government agencies and others.

The project comes at a time when the Chesapeake Bay region is under intense scrutiny and change. Known worldwide for its history as a vibrant estuary where oysters, crabs, fish and wildlife resided in enormous numbers, the bay is now threatened with pollution, over-development, declining stocks of its wild inhabitants and other critical problems. In addition to the marine life and wildlife affected, the people that live and work around the bay are also struggling to adapt to these changes.

The site features a number of tools that support interactivity by the people and organizations involved with the Chesapeake Bay. For example, organizations can submit press releases, news items, announcements of events, articles, digital photos, book submissions and other forms of information. Visitors can also submit comments in response to articles.

The resource is the next in a series of outdoor-related websites from Daybreak Web Designs. Being part of a family of related resources is one of the strengths of the site, as several groups of users can be made aware of the project, offering a higher level of diverse audience participation. The interaction and information sharing of the various bay users was a fundamental goal of the site blueprint.

John Banks, of Daybreak Web Designs explained the concept, saying, “Our sites include,, Maryland – Virginia Saltwater Fishing, Worldwide Charter Boats and Guides, and others. The Chesapeake Bay site was the next logical addition to the family and has potential to be a very strong asset to both our business and to all the users of the Chesapeake Bay. This allows everyone that loves the bay to visit and find the information that pertains to their unique needs. The site also has an array of tools for organizations, small business owners and others that need to reach these audiences. The built-in interactivity is the real strength of the site. Thankfully, we have a strong team of technical personnel that support the technology.”

In phase II of the project, the site will offer reasonably priced online advertising for small business owners that need to reach audiences within the bay region. Other aspects of the second phase will include expansions of the photo galleries, articles and other resources.