Tips for Starting a Charter Boat or Guide Website

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Before launching a website to represent a charter boat or guiding business, owners may want to learn the basics of website layouts, how to target keywords and phrases, and how to rank highest in search engine rankings.

Setting up a website for your charter boat or guide service is one of the most important decisions of your business. The key aspect of a charter boat or guide website is its ability to be found by your customers.

Before selecting a web design company, the business owner should learn the basics of keyword research, create a list of important search terms that relate to their business and choose a specialist that can create a successful site.

Not all web design companies specialize in search engine optimization, so it is important to review past examples of success when choosing a web design company. Do they have existing clients that rank high in search engine results? Are they up to date on the latest technology?

A reputable designer can explain all the factors that influence a website’s search engine rankings, suggest which key phrases might be important and offer services to help your site perform well on Google, Bing, and other search engines. After all, the most exquisite and artful website in the world cannot put paying customers on your boat unless they can find you online.

Once the business owner has a clear set of goals for attracting customers via the internet, a good idea is to create a list of features that are needed for the website. A blueprint of the site may include only a single page or a menu which includes several pages. Essential to any charter boat website is the home page, which may feature a few photos and a brief description of services. Larger sites will have a full menu on the home page, listing all the important sections that clients may need to access.

Many charter boat owners will need a photo gallery which accurately depicts the types of charters they will provide. For fishing charters, this may include a collection of photos and videos that show the types of fishing and species caught. Other charters such as nature cruise and sailing charters may need images that focus on local scenery, events, and aspects of the boat.

Many charter boat owners will include sections on rates, types of trips, what to bring, driving directions and other important information. These sections can eliminate mix-ups and provide customers with a clear understanding of the services available.

Some charter services include a blog on their website. Blogs, news pages and fishing report sections are extremely popular among audiences and can be a vital tool for building a portfolio of repeat customers. Some blogging tools combine a Captain’s entries, photos, and guests comments to create an interactive experience that attracts a loyal following of readers throughout the season.

A charter boat or guide website can also be an important sales tool. In addition to traditional services such as fishing charters, cruises and tours,  many top charter boat operators and guides offer t-shirts, sweatshirts, custom tackle, and other accessories. A good website can increase sales of gear which has become a valuable source of income for many businesses.

Once the website is launched, a specialist can show you cost effective ways to improve your search engine ranks, target specific search terms and bring more readers to your site. The end result of these steps should put more paying customers aboard your boat.

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