Limited Edition 2009-2010 Migratory Gamebird Stamp Prints

Local waterfowl artist Wally Makuchal, Jr. has announced the sale of a limited number of 2009-2010 Maryland Duck Stamp prints. The prints depict a pair of Blue-winged Teal enjoying a quiet winter morning alongside a partially frozen Delmarva pond. The original work took top honors at the 2009-2010 Maryland Migratory Gamebird Stamp Design Competition held in Laurel, MD, also known as Maryland’s ‘duck stamp contest’. The Maryland duck stamp program is the fourth oldest of it’s kind in the U.S. and is in it’s thirty-fifth year of raising funds to preserve and restore precious waterfowl and other wildlife in the state.

The edition size is limited to 1400 standard and 160 artist proofs reproduced in fade resistant inks on acid-free paper. The image is approximately 7 by 9.75 inches and overall paper size is 12 by 14 inches. Prints are signed and numbered by the artist, and enclosed in an acid-free protective folder. Original pencil and color remarques will be available on either edition. Prints will be available in early October of 2009. Please call 410-632-2825 to place an order or visit the website to see other artwork available for sale.

The artist’s paintings have won several state stamp competitions. He won the Maryland Migratory Gamebird Stamp Design Competition in1999, the Florida duck stamp in 1996 and in the same year, the Maryland trout stamp. Wally owns and operates Makuchal’s Signs in Girdletree, MD and paints in his spare time.

A photo gallery of the latest duck stamp print as well as earlier prints is available at