Times To Remember Photography and Videography Services

Times To Remember Photography and Videography Services announces an expansion of services in Denver Colorado and surrounding areas. The company is one of the few Colorado photographers that specialize in customized child photography.  The photographer captures images of children which are available as is or digitally placed in custom graphics to create fantasy, whimsical or themed works of art for a variety of occasions.

Kristine Tochtrop, owner of Times To Remember explained the popularity of this style saying, “we use computer graphics to create custom backgrounds, and merge subjects into the chosen layout. The finished product can have a cartoonish, fairy tale, angelic or other fantasy theme.” The same techniques are available for adult photo shoots as well.

The photographer explained that “we can use this same form of layout for weddings, prom dates or other important occasions. We enhance the original shot, change the background, and the subjects appear to be somewhere else.” This fantasy style is of photography is extremely popular and many clients choose this type of layout. This style has become very popular for portraits destined for family and holiday gifts.” The company also offers unique animated photo album/slide shows in video format, for babies and children.

Times To Remember videography services are similar, offering a variety of enhancements to video footage, including transitions, music, slide shows and other techniques and effects. With 2 photographers and 2 videographers, the company is capable of handling large or small weddings, family reunions, dances, dinner parties and other events.

For more information, visit: www.times-2remember.com